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Culture and Well-being Pool is an expert body consisting of national culture and well-being actors, the aim of which is to strengthen the inclusion of culture & well-being into holistic well-being, rehabilitation, preventive services, education in various fields and working life.


National communities and actors who promote culture and well-being as part of holistic well-being and accept the purpose and common operating methods of the Culture and Well-being Pool can become members of the Culture and Well-being Pool. Nationwide umbrella organizations represent their own member organizations. 

Members are approved upon application by the Culture and Well-being Pool Meeting. Active and co-operative national actors who support the goals of the pool and regularly participate in the meetings of the Culture and Well-being Pool are accepted as members. An operator applying for membership of the Culture and Well-being Pool must be a registered operator in Finland. Culture and Well-being Pool has no membership fee. 

Membership application 

The membership application is sent by e-mail to: The application can also be mailed to: Secretary of the Culture and Well-being Pool, Taikusydän-yhteyspiste, Turku University of Applied Sciences, Linnankatu 54, 20100 Turku. 

The Culture and Well-being Pool steering group, ie a group of founding members, processes the application and prepares membership proposals for the pool meeting and rejects applications that do not meet the membership criteria. New members will be accepted at the next meeting of the pool. The applicant will be notified of the acceptance within two months of receipt of the application. 

The application for membership must state the following: 

  1. Official name of the applicant organization 
  2. Business ID (y-tunnus) 
  3. Year of foundation 
  4. Form of organization 
    • association 
    • foundation 
    • company 
    • cooperative 
    • educational institution 
    • else, what? 
  5. Branch / field of the organization 
  6. The official language of the organization 
  7. Postal address 
  8. Website address 
  9. Purpose of the organization’s activities in brief 
  10. A free-form description of why the organization is applying for membership in the Culture and Well-being Pool 
  11. The representative nominated by the organization and his/her/their alternates in the pool and their contact details 
  12. Contact information for the organization’s contact person (if different from above) 

An annual report for the previous year must be attached to the membership application. 

Resignation and removal of a member 

A member has the right to resign from the Culture and Well-being Pool by notifying the Secretary of the Culture and Well-being Pool in writing, who will notify the chairman of the pool and to the next pool meeting. A meeting of the pool may dismiss a member if the member’s operating methods are not in accordance with the operation of the Culture and Well-being Pool or the member has damaged the operation of the Culture and Well-being Pool by her/his/their actions. 

Expert members: 

The pool may also have expert members called for one term at a time. Organizations whose activities are related to cultural well-being are invited as expert members. The organization is asked to nominate an expert member and an alternate member to the pool. A proposal to invite an expert member may be made by the pool steering group or by a pool member at the pool meeting. Expert members will be approved by the pool meeting. 

Member inquiries: